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Definitely the Classy One, Rae has an eye for detail and is incredibly creative. Her perfectionism means she will happily redecorate a room to match one new picture! Everything that Rae does is positively lovely; she is calm and collected, and is the moral compass to which we all gravitate (so don’t let her Resting Bitch Face put you off!) Rae is a self-confessed “moany, 90 year old man” as she knows what she likes and exactly the way she likes it, too. So fetch the pipe and slippers, please.


Cofounder and Author

Lily is blunt, opinionated and not afraid to share those opinions, loudly, and to your face. But those are her best bits – her honesty is infamous and she is an invaluable asset to those that know her. She is incredibly loyal to those she loves, but do not cross her as also she holds an unbreakable grudge. Lily’s tastes are as eclectic and quirky as she is – multilayered, “like an onion!” Spend five minutes with Lily and you will see that she has a heart of gold, and is, quite frankly, a little bit special.

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Voted Best New Blog in the Health Blog Awards 2016

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