Last Minute Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

last minute valentines date night ideas | Dorina lace lingerie setlast minute valentines date night ideas | Dorina lace lingerie setSo Christmas only seemed like a minute ago and somehow we are in February and it’s absolutely flying by. Next week brings us 2 exciting days – the first being pancake day (which to be honest I’m probably more excited about because who doesn’t love pancakes)? On Wednesday we also get to celebrate with our Valentine. If the day has crept up on you and you totally haven’t thought about what you are going to do for Valentine’s Day but you know your partner is going to be expecting something here are a couple of last minute ideas that could get you out of trouble and don’t actually require that much effort.

Indoor Picnic

If cooking really isn’t your thing then why not opt for a picnic? Sure the weather sucks right now but why not create a cozy night in with your very own indoors picnic, put down a blanket and pack your favourite items in a picnic basket or hamper. Light some candles and put on some background music, add a bottle of bubbly or your favourite tipples and you’ve got the perfect romantic night with minimal effort.

Mystery Drive

If you’ve totally forgotten to book a restaurant tell your partner you are going on a mystery drive. The rule is you can only make right turns until you reach a place of interest. If I only did right turns from my house it would take us in a circle and we’d end up right back at our house so obviously you may need to drive in the direction of somewhere a little more interesting first and then see where the road takes you.

DIY Wine Tasting

Why not open up a few bottles of your favourite wines and do your own tasting session in the comfort of your own home? Bring out a cheese board and some other nibbles and you’ve got yourself a fun evening that looks like you’ve made the effort when in reality you haven’t even had to switch the oven on (can you tell that I hate cooking)!

Do you have any romantic Valentine’s plans?

Rae x


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