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I’ve always loved cardio. running helps me chill out but unfortunately my right leg just doesn’t want to do it anymore so I’ve had to mix up my workouts. If you are bored of the treadmill, sick of your same old gym routine or just want to try a new exercise class then here are the 2 I’m loving right now!

Pole Fitness

Lily and I have been going to Pole Fitness for over a year now and are both absolutely loving it. Originally we signed up for a 6 week course and just never stopped. We were both a bit nervous before our first class… what should we wear? Is it going to be sexy routines? But straight away we felt at ease. Pole fitness isn’t about writhing around in stripper heels (although there are different classes for that: heels, flow and floorwork) it’s hard work and at times incredibly painful but it is also the most fun we’ve ever had at a fitness class. I am probably the least coordinated, most clumsy person you will ever meet so if I can do it anyone can! The exercises are great for strengthening your core. I used to do anything to avoid arm day at the gym but my upper body strength has improved so much since doing pole fitness.

If you’ve always fancied giving it a go but you’re worried you aren’t strong enough or have body insecurities please don’t let that hold you back! Everyone in our class progresses at their own pace and is so supportive of each other – there is absolutely no body shaming and the class is for anyone aged 16 and up.

If you live in the Medway area check out Pole Persona who run classes in their Rochester studio as well as on the Isle of Sheppey.


Yoga never really appealed to me, I remember doing a class years and years ago when I was in school and I totally didn’t appreciate it back then, I just found it a bit dull. I knew I needed to improve my flexibility for pole so I thought i’d give Yogalates a go as the pilates side of things appealed to me a lot more. Yogalates combines the benefits of strength training of pilates with the flexibility of yoga. I’ll be honest… I suck at Yogalates but I’m really enjoying it and can definitely see an improvement in my flexibility already. If you don’t have a gym membership but want to give yoga a go then I’d recommend getting a yoga mat for home and downloading the app Down Dog. You can select how long or short you want the workout to last, it has spoken instructions and background music – best of all it’s free!

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Are there any particular exercise classes you are loving or think we should try?

Rae x

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