#SmearForSmear | Raising Awareness About Smear Tests

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust #smearforsmear campaign Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust #smearforsmear campaign#SmearForSmear

When Georgie from Luxley communications contacted us regarding the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s #SmearForSmear campaign we obviously had to take part – we know that almost 90% of our lovely readers are women and so of course we wanted to raise awareness of something that could affect anyone of you. Yes – I’m sure we all feel that dread, the letter arrives telling you that you’re due another smear test and like me you may be thinking has it really been 3 years already? Sometimes you’ll put it off saying you’ll get around to it later and then you’ll totally forget. Or maybe you haven’t been for a smear test yet, are old enough but are avoiding booking yourself in because you’re embarrassed? Please ladies just do it! I promise it really isn’t that bad- a little uncomfortable yes, but if you’ve ever been for a bikini wax then trust me a smear test is going to seem like a walk in the park. I always make sure I am wearing a dress and that way you don’t have to completely strip off from the waist down. If your results come back normal then great! You can rest assured, and if they come back as abnormal at least you can have treatment before it progresses into anything more serious. Sadly attendance has been falling across the UK so it’s time to start raising awareness in the hope that more women will book their appointments.

The campaign is designed to ensure more women understand the role of smear tests in preventing cervical cancer and encourage them to attend. You can help us share the message through a really quick and easy lipstick smeared selfie.

The Facts

  • Smear tests prevent 75% of all cervical cancer.
  • 1 in 4 women don’t attend their smear test – that’s 1.2 million women not attending every year!
  • Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35.
  • Smear tests provide the best protection against the disease BUT attendance is falling across the UK, we’re at a 20 year low in England!
  • The reasons women don’t attend are wide ranging, including embarrassment, fear, not thinking it’s important, not understanding what it’s for and simply putting it off.
  • Everyday 9 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 2 women lose their lives.

How To Take Part

  • Apply your fave lipstick.
  • Smear your lippy.
  • Take a selfie.
  • Share on social media using #SmearForSmear.
  • Nominate some friends to take part too.

The campaign officially kicks off tomorrow and you have until the 28th January to share your pic. We hope to see you all sharing your #SmearForSmear images across Instagram, we certainly will be! Don’t forget to nominate your besties to help spread awareness even further.

For more information, support or to see how else you can get involved visit the Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust website. Donations can also be made here.

Rae x

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