Clean Reserve – Sueded Oud Eau De Parfum Review

clean reserve sueded oud

clean reserve sueded oud

clean reserve sueded oud

A while back Rae and I were sent some fragrance samples from Clean Reserve, we both loved the Sueded Oud Eau de Parfum that it was on both of our Christmas lists.

Clean Reserve are a sustainable brand with an eco-conscious collection of products.

What Clean say about the perfume

“Sueded oud is a creamy, reimagined approach to traditional oud fragrances. It is a discovery of natural textures, and an exploration of the fluid movement between the brighter and darker facets of fragrance”.

The Packaging

The packaging is chic, minimal and sustainable. It is all designed to be reused or recycled. The cap is made from wood from a sustainably managed forest and the manufacturing facility uses 100% solar energy – how amazing is that!

I love the design – it is simple but has lots of attention to detail and looks expensive.

The Product

I fell in love with Sueded Oud as soon as I tried it and will definitely continue to repurchase it. I love the masculine smell of Oud but this also has a delicate, feminine side.

Oud can be expensive but for the size of the bottle I am pleased with the price which is £79.00 for 500ml.

Final Thoughts

I love the Sueded Oud Eau De Parfum, I definitely need to try more from the range as Clean Reserve suggest pairing their fragrances for your own signature scent.



  • Incense Oil, Blue Cypress, Birch Wood, Red Pimento, Honeysuckle


  • Temple Oud, Night Blooming Jasmine, White Magnolia, Fir Balsam, Sarcocaulon Mossamedens, Bushman Can


  • Soft Suede, Gold Patchouli, Black Amber, Praline, Skin Musk, Olibanum Tears

Lily x

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