Introducing Sherlock The Beagle AKA The Love Of My Life

Sherlock the Beagle, cute beagle puppy Sherlock the Beagle, cute beagle puppySherlock the Beagle, cute beagle puppy, boy beagle dogSherlock the Beagle, cute beagle puppy, boy beagle dog
Today is a more personal post than usual, I’m sure you are all shopped out by now anyway and are probably sick to death of Christmas Gift Guides. This week the best thing ever happened – I went out for dinner with Lily and my cousin and when I returned home I discovered this little guy exploring my living room!

My partner and I have been looking at dogs for a while now and had our hearts set on a Beagle but weren’t having much luck finding one . I never actually looked at getting a puppy as the original plan was to get a rescue dog. I had no idea that my partner was looking at puppies and it was a total surprise to see one wandering around my house, but despite not being mentally prepared, it was love at first sight.

It was a toss up between calling him Bruce Wayne, Bernard or Sherlock and as you can tell by the title of the post we decided on Sherlock. He’s 10 weeks old and has been such a good boy. So many people have said that Beagle’s are known for being very noisy and difficult to train but so far he hasn’t lived up to the stereotype at all. He’s a very quiet dog and barks to let us know when he needs the toilet, he does have accidents but is learning fast. He’s also been sleeping through from about 9.30pm until around 5am which works out well as we are usually up around that time.

Being so close to Christmas I obviously had to get him some gifts because yes, I am officially one of those people know who thinks their dog is their child and yeah, I’m probably going to sign my Christmas cards from him too. I ordered a Beagle shaped Bamboo Personalised Pet Christmas Decoration from Oakdene Designs with his name on. I also bought a few bits from Mungo & Maud which is the cutest shop based in Elizabeth Street (Just up the road from Peggy Porschen). I’ve got him a Turtle Rope Dog Toy and some Baby Bones Peanut Butter Dog Treats. They also do some very stylish Collars but I think I will have to wait until he’s a little bigger before I splurge on one of theirs.

I’ve also discovered Max Bone do the most adorable jumpers for dogs and I’m definitely going to have to get Sherlock a tweed coat. This boy is going to be one seriously pampered pup! I can’t wait to be able to take him for walks (his second jab is next week).

Let me know if you would like to see more of Sherlock on the Blog, I’m sure we will be posting lots of pics over on our Instagram.

I hope you all have a relaxing Christmas break!

Rae x

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