Too Faced 3-in-1 Hangover Setting Spray Review

Too Faced 3-in-1 setting sprayToo Faced 3-in-1 setting sprayToo Faced 3-in-1 setting spray

I have tried setting sprays before but never one that also primes your skin. The Too Faced 3-in-1 Hangover Setting Spray £27.00 claims to prime, refresh and set makeup, but is it really any different to any other setting spray?

What Too Faced Say About The Product

“A formula with the same priming and hydrating benefits you love in a multitasking mist that can also be used after makeup to set it in place or anytime to refresh skin. Spray all day to keep the beauty hangover away!”

The Packaging

I tend to prefer minimal and simplistic designs but at the same time can’t resist something a bit eccentric or unusual looking. Too Faced have designed the packaging to be quirky, fun and completely girly.

The Product

The spray can be used under makeup to soothe and smooth the skin. I like to spray it on to my face and gently pat it in before putting my makeup on. It has a lovely coconut scent  as it is infused with coconut water. The right amount of product spritzes for an even application.

Applying after makeup helps to set it in place and prolong wear. It has a lovely cooling sensation and doesn’t feel sticky at all.

The Too Faced 3-in-1 setting spray can also be used throughout the day to refresh makeup. I didn’t really expect to notice a difference in my makeup from using this, however the skin around my eyes is dry and my concealer tends to accentuate this by they end of the day. The primer helped to keep my skin hydrated and my concealer did not crack. My makeup stayed looking fresh.

Final Thoughts

I am impressed with the Too Faced 3-in-1 setting spray. I didn’t expect it to make as much as a difference to the longevity of my makeup but I am pleased with the results. The scent of the spray is lovely and it feels refreshing. I definitely recommend this product.

Have you tried to Too Faced 3-in-1 setting spray?

Lily x 




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