H&M Home Living Room Haul

H&M Home Living Room Haul black vases h&m home cushions H&M Home Living Room Haul black vases H&M Home Living Room Haul black vasesH&M Home Living Room Haul black vases H&M Home Living Room Haul black vase and candle H&M Home Living Room Haul vasesH&M Home Living Room Haul black vases h&m home cushionsH&M Home Haul

My favourite kind of shopping is homewear shopping. We’ve recently started to redecorate downstairs and decided to opt for a bit of colour for a change. I live in a little terrace house so was a bit worried that putting colour on the walls might make the place feel smaller but I am really happy with how it looks against the dark wood and think the room feels warmer.

I’ve still got to find some artwork to put on the walls so if you have any suggestions of where to get some good pieces from let me know in the comments below. At the moment I’m torn between this Rothko print (and yes I am aware Lily’s cat could have painted it! What can I say – I just like Rothko) or this Picasso print. I’ve started to accessorise but I apparently have no concept of money when it comes to shopping and tend to get a little carried away, this time around however I actually think I’ve been pretty sensible and feel I’ve managed to get most of the decorations for the living room without blowing too much money for a change.

I had an idea in mind of the kind of cushions I wanted but was struggling to find anything that I liked. We popped in to H&M home at Bluewater and found so much choice. Unfortunately they aren’t available online anymore but here is a similar cushion cover. All of the cushion covers we bought were large square shapes which seemed a little excessive for my sofas so I cut a couple down to a smaller rectangular shape which sits better alongside the larger sizes. I also bought an assortment of vases and bottles to stand on top of the fire place. I’d like to mix these high street steals with some artisan pieces eventually. Of course I couldn’t leave without picking up a candle (because I REALLY needed more candles).

Shop my top H&M Home Picks

I’ve curated a selection of my favourite H&M home items below:

Where are your favourite places to shop for Homewear? I do love a bit of Zara Home or John Lewis but with prices like this H&M may be my new fave!
Rae x

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