Laura Geller – Filter Corrector Color Perfecting Balm Review

blue, lilac, green Laura Geller Color corrector

blue, green, peach Laura Geller Color corrector

peach, blue, green Laura Geller Color corrector

When the Laura Geller Filter corrector color perfecting balm was sent to me, I couldn’t wait to try it out. Colour corrector’s have definitely had a huge increase in interest recently and are much more widely available now.

11 years ago when I was studying beauty therapy at College (eek – I hadn’t realised it was that long ago!) I was introduced to colour corrector’s (lilac and green). It seemed to be just a trick that makeup artists knew and not so easily accessible to anyone else.

Now luckily there is a huge choice of colour corrector’s available to help perfect complexions.

What Laura Geller say about the product

“#NoFilter? No worries. Our color-correcting collection was made for close-ups. Dab away redness with the Green shade, blend away dull skin with illuminating Blue, and spot correct dark circles and hyperpigmentation with the Peach shade. It’s every major complexion concern handled, like a pro.”

The Packaging

The pot is made up of the three separate compartments which are joined together. They open up to reveal the separate colours. I like the style of the packaging, I prefer it to a palette as it is compact and can easily fit into my bag. There is also a mirror in the lid.

The Product

The three colours of the balms are peach, blue and green. I apply them with my finger as I think the warmth from them helps to blend the product better than a brush.

My skin has been looking dull at the moment (I really need some sunshine, I am so pale). I have also had a huge red spot on the top of my cheek for about 2 weeks – it just wont go! It’s the kind of spot that everyone points out (as if I am not conscious enough about it already!). I also have dark circles under my eyes (I always do, no matter how much sleep I get).

The green balm helped to disguise my spot and the redness around my nose from a recent cold. The peach shade was perfect for underneath my eyes, at first I thought it was going to be to dark but it blended well. The blue shade did a really good job at brightening up my skin.

I don’t like full coverage foundations so I was worried mine (Nars Sheer Glow Foundation) wouldn’t cover the corrector and the colours would show through. I didn’t need to worry as it worked well and left my skin looking flawless. The blue shade really made my skin look bright and healthy.

Final Thoughts

If you have any skin concerns such as redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, dark circles or dull skin, I would recommend the Laura Geller Filter corrector color perfecting balm to help disguise skin concerns.

What do you think of colour correctors?

Lily x

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