Cloud Nine – The Touch Hair Straightener Review

Cloud Nine - The Touch Hair Straightener ReviewCloud Nine - The Touch Hair Straightener ReviewWhen I went to straighten my hair on Saturday morning, every girl with frizzy hair’s nightmare came true when they broke! Luckily I was attending Salon international at London Excel later that day so I was able to pick up a lovely new pair from Cloud Nine.

I had not heard of the brand before, but my brother (a hairdresser) introduced me to them after explaining they are from the original founder of GHD. He has used some of their straighteners before and recommended them to me.

After hearing more about the range of tools available and testing out the straighteners I picked The Touch £115.00.

The Touch

“The Cloud Nine Touch Iron is designed with our exclusive revolutionary touch technology. This buttonless iron heats instantly from the very first stroke, totally eliminating the heat up time.”

The Touch is available in either white or black. As soon as you pick up the straighteners they automatically turn on and reach 195°C instantly. To change the temperature you just click the straighteners together 3 times to switch between 165°C or 195°C.  The temperature setting is a brilliant idea as not everyone’s hair needs the same amount of heat. This is an effective way to help minimise damage. The LED control panel glows blue when at the lower temperature and red when it is at the higher one so it is easy to see which setting you are using.

The main reason I picked these straighteners is I panic when I’m driving to work about whether I have turned them off. If you place the touch down for 30 seconds they automatically switch off – yay! Once you pick them up and move them they will automatically switch back on.

My hair is wavy and doesn’t stay straight for very long but even after the first use I couldn’t believe how sleek my hair looked and how soft it felt. Usually with straighteners my hair feels like it needs hydration but it actually felt healthy after using them.

I love these straighteners, the temperature control is a fantastic way to help prevent heat damage and I would definitely recommend this brand if you are looking for a new pair of straighteners because there are (dare I say it…) other brands than just GHD out there.

Have you tried Cloud Nine’s straighteners?

Lily x





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