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Empress Mimi London Lingerie Subscription ServiceEmpress Mimi London Lingerie Subscription Service Black Lace LingerieEmpress Mimi London Lingerie Subscription Service Black Lace LingerieI’m sure you’ve all heard of makeup or food subscription services where you get a parcel delivered each month with surprise goodies inside, well here is a new subscription service that I can totally get on board with, Lingerie! I’ve seen Empress Mimi tweets popping up on my feed over the last couple of months and was so excited when they contacted us offering to send out one of their Siren boxes to test out. Regular readers of the blog will already know that I have a weakness for beautiful lingerie and so I couldn’t wait for my parcel to arrive. My set came beautifully packaged in an Empress Mimi box, I unwrapped the tissue paper to find a black set of lace lingerie, very reminiscent of an Agent Provocateur set I own but for a fraction of the price. Not only did the lingerie look beautiful but it had been constructed well too. I tried the set on and was just as impressed with the fit.

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Boxes

There are 3 subscription boxes to choose from and if you’re feeling generous  you can even gift someone with a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to their service.

The Mermaid Box £25 – Three pairs of knickers delivered each month.

The Siren Box £40 – A full set of lingerie delivered each month – this is the box I received.

The Empress Box £70 – A luxury set of lingerie and playful accessories delivered each month.

I was so impressed with my set that I will be subscribing to their Siren box just as soon as pay day comes around. £40 may seem a little bit of an unnecessary splurge for lingerie each month but in my opinion it is totally worth every penny. I’m sure that there are many of you reading this who pay out monthly for gym memberships, maybe you treat yourself to a manicure once a month, get your hair cut or add to your ever growing makeup collections. Well why not treat yourself to some gorgeous undies? It’s the first thing you put on in the mornings, why shouldn’t it be special? Empress Mimi believes in adorning your body with beautiful lingerie every single day. Of course there is a slim chance that I might not like the surprise set I receive but having looked at their Instagram I haven’t seen a single set that I wouldn’t want to receive (how gorgeous are their lace bodies)! I think the service is also a great way to push you out of your comfort zone especially if you’ve gotten used to sticking on that same old set of underwear that you’ve been wearing for years now.

Empowered Women Empower Women

I’ve spoked before about how lingerie should be worn first and foremost for yourself because of how it makes you feel.  I love that Empress Mimi has been created by women for women.

There is a misconception that lingerie is exclusively for the bedroom. What is worn underneath your clothes directly reflects how you feel and the energy you emit. A touch of sensual lingerie is the equivalent to a power suit, one that is delicious little secret that only you know about. – Empress Mimi

Not only are Empress Mimi helping women to look and feel their best but they are also donating 10% of the proceeds of the purchases you make to Project Girl Code – A non-profit organisation which is helping vulnerable young women who are at risk of exploitation, trafficking, slavery or forced marriage by teaching coding to give them the digital skills to help become employed or self-employed. The aim is to prevent poverty and exploitation through eduction and technology. You can read more about the charity and donate here.

Payday needs to hurry up! I’m already excited to see what will be in my next box.

Tempted? You can get 15% off your first box with discount code: BEAUTYATBRUNCH15

Rae x


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