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Where To Buy The Best Blog Themes

Before we launched Beauty at Brunch we spent a fair bit of time searching for a blog theme that we felt would look professional and that we wouldn’t get bored of quickly. We wanted something fairly minimalist and clean looking and weren’t overly keen on the free blog themes available on so we began to shop around. We started to look on Pinterest for Inspiration and thats where we discovered Station Seven.

Station Seven Blog Themes

Those of you who have followed BAB from the beginning may recognise the Kindred theme and it served us well for the first 18 months of our journey. When our blogging trio became a duo we decided it was time to give our little blog a facelift and it was a no brainer to choose another one of Station Seven’s themes. As soon as we saw Analogue we know she was the one for us, the theme gave us everything we wanted and needed for our site and we recieved a lot of great feedback on the makeover. If you are looking for a clean and professional theme for your blog we totally recommend checking out their online shop. We love that there are so many resources on the site to help with installation and setup and if you aren’t comfortable installing it yourself there is also a (slightly pricier) option for the Station Seven team to do it for you.

Pipdig Blog Themes

Whilst we haven’t purchased a theme through Pipdig before it is a name that crops up time and time again and for good reason. Their themes are modern and professional looking and if you aren’t sure how to install it they offer to do it for you for free! A lot of my favourite blogs have themes by Pipdig. If you read my last Blogging 101 post you will have noticed that I recommended using so if you are looking to migrate your site from Blogger to WordPress the have no fear Pipdig also offer services to help with that. With testimonials from Fashion Mumblr and Caroline Hirons its no wonder it is so popular amongst other bloggers. If you are looking to revamp your site then they are definitely worth a visit.

Our recommended Plugins

If you are happy with your site but are looking for some plugins to help make your content more easily shareable/ to grow your following or expand your readership we recommend you install the following.

Simple Social Icons

We have this plugin installed at the bottom of our pages and it is a great way to drive visitors to social media channels.

jQuery Pin It button For Images

Hover over our images and you will notice a Pin It button appears, this makes our content easily pinnable to readers and helps visitors share our content on their Pinterest accounts.

Yoast SEO

Our number one traffic source is via search engines and Yoast SEO has been a great help in ensuring that our SEO is always strong for our blog posts. This one is a must have if you don’t already use it!

Title and Nofollow For Links

If you are unsure about what follow and no follow links are make sure give this post by xomisse a read to ensure you aren’t violating any of Google’s guidelines. This plugin makes it so simple to mark which links are sponsored and which aren’t.

If you are new to blogging you might find this post useful too: How To Start A Blog | A Beginners Guide to Blogging.

Are there any plugins you recommend for other bloggers? Let me know if there is anything else you’d like us to cover.

Rae x


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