Tropic Skincare Pamper Experience

tropic skincare, pamper party, face serum, beauty, natural, cruelty free, vegan, pineapple, tropicaltropic skincare, pamper party, vegan beautytropic skincare, pamper party, vegan beautytropic skincare, pamper party, vegan beautytropic skincare, pamper party, vegan beautyIf you have read my Summer Ready Skin with Tropic Skincare post, you will know that I absolutely love their products. My friends enjoyed trying them too (and they can be a tough crowd to please!).

I decided to book a pamper experience with Tropic as so many of my friends wanted to try more from the range. It couldn’t have been easier to arrange. I was put in touch with an ambassador (Kate) in my area who after a couple of text messages and a chat on the phone had everything organised. She sent me an information pack including catalogues prior to the pamper experience.

The Pamper Evening

Kate arrived early to set up a fantastic display of all of the products for everyone to test. I of course (being a control freak) decided to have drinks and snacks with a tropical theme for the evening including the most delicious Pina Coladas, which were easy to make by using the Coco Colada blend from Rocktails. My Mum also made tropical themed desserts for everyone (yum!).

Kate started the evening by explaining some of the products in the range whilst demonstrating a facial on me. The products were passed around for everyone to smell and try. She also applied mineral makeup to my skin. Lots of people told me how nice my skin looked after and purchased the makeup for themselves.

During the evening Kate asked questions and the person who answered first got a strip of raffle tickets. At the end of the evening a raffle ticket was drawn and the winner won an amazing mystery bag of products.

There was also the opportunity to pay £2.00 for a luxury raffle. The winner got to spend the amount raised from it to spend on products of their choice. We picked two winners.

As the host of the party I received 15%  of the amount from product sales to spend on Tropic goodies! There was also an additional £20 added on for this month. I was incredibly excited when Kate told me I had £79.00 to spend! I picked the Good Skin Day Serum £42.00, Face Lift Mask £16.00, Deep Hydration Mask £16.00 and Wild Mint, Pineapple and Lime Body Wash £10.00.

Kate is dropping the orders off to me on Saturday to hand out to people and I am so excited to try them all!

We all had a fantastic evening. Thank you Tropic for having such amazing customer service and to Kate for being so helpful and making it a special evening for us all!

Have you had a pamper experience before?

Lily x

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