How To Find Your Personal Style

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How To Find Your Personal Style

Last week I talked about creating a capsule wardrobe but in order to do that you’re going to need to figure out what your personal style is first. Whilst I talk a lot about how to style the latest trends I realise that not every trend is for everybody and not everyone wants to invest in items that will fall out of fashion in a season or two. Whilst trends come and go, staying true to your personal style will mean you always get the wear out of your items. Lily and I aren’t identical twins but have a lot of similarities feature wise so you’d think that the things that suit her would look good on me too and vice versa however this isn’t always the case. Lil loves a bright statement lipstick, whereas I’m much more into neutrals. I’ve actually tried wearing the colours she does and look ridiculous. Likewise Lily loves a ruffle whereas I’ve tried items on and totally can’t pull them off. I’m sure that to an outsider I look perfectly acceptable in those items but I just don’t feel comfortable in them – they just aren’t very me.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

– Rachel Zoe

Tips For Finding Your Personal Style

  • Ignore the magazines, when you walk around the shops or search online what are you naturally drawn to? Is it certain prints? A particular cut or fabric?
  • Once you figure out what clothing you like try it on. How does it make you feel? Sometimes we see things on a hanger or on a model online and think its perfect but once we try it on our opinion might change. If you feel self conscious then there is no point buying it. Only purchase the pieces that make you feel your best self otherwise it’s just going to remain at the back of your wardrobe.
  • Find which colours look best on you. You are very unlikely to see me wearing pastels no matter how much I might like an item because they wash me out too much. Look for colours that flatter your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.
  • If you have no idea where to begin look for inspiration from places such as Pinterest. You can create mood boards of fashion and beauty looks that inspire you. If you find you are pinning lots of floaty, loose fitting outfits then you aren’t going to want to go out and buy a tailored suit. Look for patterns in the things you are drawn to.
  • Stop caring about what everyone else will think. So your personal style might not be to everyones taste but who cares? You probably aren’t going to like everyone else’s style either, besides the World would be a boring place if everyone looked like carbon copies of each other. Celebrate your individuality.

Do you find you are a slave to the fashion trends or do you stay true to your signature style?

Rae x

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