4 Easy Tips For Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

Tips for creating your own capsule wardrobe Style Tips for creating your own capsule collection Style Tips for creating your own capsule collection

As a blogger there can be some pressure in having a never ending supply of clothing to feature on Instagram but in the real world that just isn’t always attainable. Unless you happen to have a contract with a very generous clothing brand or a ridiculously large disposable income sometimes (most of the time) you just have to make do with the items you’ve got. Whilst a capsule collection will actually mean narrowing down your wardrobe it can actually give you a lot more options to mix and match, breathing new life into those trusty outfit favourites.

My Top Tips For Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

  • Firstly you’re going to have to be totally ruthless, if you’re a hoarder this may be a toughie. Go through your wardrobe and sort your clothing into a pile of things you never wear and a pile of items you do wear to give you a good starting point. You’re going to want to get rid of the items you don’t wear – If you really don’t want to let go of anything just yet you can always box the no longer wear pile up and put it in the loft. I bet you wont even miss them and once you realise it you can always donate to charity or even sell on eBay.
  • Stick to a certain colour palette so that you can easily mix and match different tops and bottoms together – plain items are easier to match but if you’re into prints it can still be done.
  • There is nothing wrong with purchasing trend items still if thats what takes your fancy but your capsule collection should be timeless – something which can be worn year after year.
  • Invest in good quality pieces which aren’t going to fall apart after a few months wear so that you don’t have to keep renewing your purchases.
  • Project 333 recommends your capsule collection should consist of 33 items which doesn’t include underwear, nightwear or sportswear and sounds totally doable.

Why Creating a Capsule Collection Is A Good Idea

  • By minimising your wardrobe you will be able to see the items you actually like without having to search through the rack or your drawers meaning they will get more wear.
  • A capsule wardrobe will save you so much time getting ready in the morning, if you’ve picked coordinating items that are easily interchangeable.
  • You’ll spend less money on impulse, trend driven purchases meaning more money to spend on whatever else you like!

What are your thoughts on creating a capsule collection? Are you willing to give it a try or does the thought of clearing out your wardrobe fill you with fear?

Rae x

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