A Cacao Infused Meal at Rabot 1745

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After the Blogosphere Magazine Summer Party Lily and I headed towards Borough Market to catch up with a friend over dinner. Rabot 1745 has been on our radar for a while now and as it was only a tube stop away from the event it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the menu a try. As you already know we both have a massive sweet tooth so a restaurant opened by the founders of Hotel Chocolat sounded like our kind of place! The restaurant takes its name from the 1745 Rabot Estate cacao plantation which they bought and restored on the Island of St Lucia. We were seated on the terrace which overlooks Borough Market and made for a really relaxed setting.

What we ate

The dishes all incorporate cacao but the flavours are very subtle so if you are thinking that chocolate flavoured fish sounds disgusting then rest assured this was not the case. The cacao nibs are used as spices and garnishes to add to the flavours. In some of the dishes the taste was much stronger than others.


To share: Sourdough with cacao three ways – chocolate balsamic reduction, cacao pesto and nib butter.

The cacao pesto had to be my favourite part of the starter, the chocolate balsamic reduction was also pretty good and had a much stronger cacao taste to it.


I ate: Seared cod, coconut milk and cacao butter fricassée sauce with red pepper, roasted pineapple and sweet potato.
Lily ate: Golden beetroot gnocchi, delicately sweet cacao pulp, cacao tomato sauce and sun-dried tomato.

The flavours in the main courses we ate were very subtle, the cod was cooked to perfection and I would definitely eat it again although I am kind of regretting not ordering the white chocolate mash to try out too.


I ate: Molten chocolate lava pudding made from cacao beans, served with Rabot nib-infused ice cream.
Lily ate: The BAFTA 2017 dessert, Saint Lucia 65% buffalo Supermilk mousse, white blueberry and raspberry crémeux, granola sable crumble.

My favourite part of the meal had to be the molten chocolate lava pudding, the ice cream which came with it was also delicious.

I will definitely be eating at Rabot 1745 again as I’d love to try out the afternoon tea and test out some of their rums which all come from cacao growing regions. I’ve also just spotted that they do brunch too so I think their pancakes are definitely on the cards soon.

Have you eaten anywhere interesting lately? Where would you recommend we try next?

Rae x


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