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Yesterday we headed to Blogosphere Magazine’s Summer Party which was held in the white loft at Lumiere London. It was the perfect venue for a blogging event – clean and bright with lots of natural light. This was the third Blogosphere event we have attended and it did not disappoint.

Sekforde Drinks

The afternoon started with a talk from Sekforde Drinks who introduced us to their mixers. Those of you who read the blog regularly will already know that I like a good rum however I’m not so keen on fizzy drinks as It can completely mask the taste. It was really interesting to find a brand who have developed a mixer to compliment the flavour of the spirits, they also contain a lot less sugar than most mixers and soft drinks and are 100% natural. Of course cocktails at events are always a good idea and we had a lot of fun sampling the different flavours.

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Blogosphere Magazine organised some guest speakers and for us this was the highlight of the whole event. It was great to have talks covering such a wide range of subjects and we are so grateful to the speakers for sharing their areas of expertise with us. It’s always so inspiring to hear from people in the same industry who are happy to share their tips and tricks of the trade.

Bang On Style

The first talk was by Debs Stubbington of Bang On Style – A full time blogger and photographer. Debs gave other bloggers advice on how to capture their style, which equipment to use, lighting and photo editing tips as well as her recommendations on props and backgrounds to use. The talk was really insightful so if you didn’t manage to get a ticket to the event make sure you check out her photography series for loads of helpful tips.

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Beth Eve

Beth of Beth Eve shared advice on marketing your blog, she touched on everything from SEO to meta data and google analytics. If you are a fellow blogger and these words sound completely foreign to you then it is definitely worth giving Beth a follow! Beth certainly knows her stuff and we can’t wait to put some of her tips into practice.

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The Nomis Agency

The last of the talks was by Simon Burrell who is CEO of The Nomis Agency – A YouTube and influencer talent management agency. It was interesting to hear what Simon had to say about the benefits of signing to a talent agency and to hear things from his perspective. It was also really refreshing to hear from someone who isn’t just interested in those with the biggest followings and who is genuinely interested in nurturing new and up-and-coming talent.

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Thank you so much to Blogosphere Magazine for organising another incredible event!

Rae x

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