Disciple – Good Skin Face Oil Review

Disciple - Good Skin Face Oil ReviewDisciple - Good Skin Face Oil ReviewDisciple - Good Skin Face Oil Review

We were so excited when Charlotte Disciple, founder of Disciple skincare, contacted us to offer samples of her natural beauty products for our event #BrunchWithBab.

Disciple products are 100% natural and filled with skin loving ingredients and it is a lovely feeling knowing that the products have been hand blended and so much love and attention has gone in to creating them.

Charlotte hand delivered vials of Disciple’s Good Skin Face Oil for the goody bags for our event, which were a perfect addition to the other completely instagrammable, lovingly created products.

What Disciple Say About The Product

“GOOD SKIN is a 100% active botanical face oil. Formulated with break-out-prone skin in mind, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone balancing essential oils and bad bacteria fighting prebiotics. GOOD SKIN clears, brightens and nourishes tricky skin.”

The Packaging

Charlotte gifted 10ml vials of the Good Skin Face Oil which came complete with a cork bottle stopper. The labelling is minimalist and chic which is all that is needed and the type of packaging I am drawn to. The full size versions are contained in green bottles which I am guessing is to prevent the deterioration of the oils.

The Product

The product smells amazing – I can definitely smell the cucumber oil and geranium. Suitable for all skin types, this oil has been helpful to my combination skin. I noticed within 2 days of using it a spot on my forehead had disappeared! Only a little bit is needed and I have been massaging it into my face before bed. The oil can also be added to serums and moisturisers for an extra boost.

Ingredients and What They do

  • Cucumber seed oil – lightweight, nourishing
  • Turmeric oil – speeds up healing, reduces redness
  • Rosemary oil – anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory
  • Geranium oil – anti-bacterial
  • Lavender oil – healing
  • Tea tree oil – deeply cleansing and antibacterial
  • Burdock root extract – helps to fight break outs
  • Extra virgin olive oil – contains antioxidants

Final Thoughts

If you are in to clean beauty and like to know exactly what you are putting on to your face, I highly recommend Disciple skincare. Cruelty free, 100% natural and not mass produced – what is not to love? Rae and I are lusting over the products and will definitely be purchasing full sized ones, the Bian Stone roller looks amazing too!

Have you tried Disciple skincare? Let me know what you thought of it.

Lily x

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  • The Disciple Good Skin Face Oil definitely has a strong and pleasant aroma. Thought this wasn’t going to be suitable for my oily skin. But so far my skin likes it. Thanks again for introducing this product at the #BrunchWithBab event.