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Dorina bikini ASOS | body positivityDorina bikini ASOS | body positivityDorina bikini ASOS | body positivity I’m wearing: Dorina Bandeau Bikini from ASOS

Summer has well and truly arrived and swimsuit season is in full swing. I was very kindly sent this gorgeous bikini from lingerie, activewear and swimwear label Dorina – If you read my post on How To Style A Bralette you will already be familiar with the brand and you’ve probably spotted them on ASOS too. I still can’t get over how affordable everything is and I love how the brand offers something for everyone no matter what their shape or size. Whether you’re petite, curvy, small busted or plus size this is a brand that embraces diversity. I love the rouching detailing on my FIJI Bandeau.

Since receiving the items I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of ways to shoot it that didn’t involve me actually wearing it. It always feels a little daunting putting up images of myself wearing so few clothes…in fact it still feels weird putting out images of myself full stop.  It’s not that I am necessarily that insecure about my body and I definitely feel as though the older I get the more comfortable I feel in my own skin but it is still a little terrifying putting yourself out there for the world to see. I’m sure other bloggers will agree that when you are selecting pictures for your blogposts and Instagram you start to notice flaws that didn’t even bother you before.

It got me thinking about a recent Twitter chat I took part in which was all about self love and body positivity. Very early on into the chat it became very evident that everybody has their own body hangups. No matter how beautiful those women and men looked to me they all sounded like they were having a hard time believing it themselves. I actually know a couple of people who turn down doing certain activities that they love because of their fears of how they think other people will judge their appearance. We seem to spend so much time thinking about the parts that we don’t like about ourselves that we forget to focus on the positives. Instead of judging each other on dress size, height, weight or whether that persons features conform to what todays society deems beautiful lets look a little deeper. When you meet someone I’m sure you don’t walk away thinking well she was alright but her nose was a little big and she could do with losing a few pounds. What you probably do notice is that persons wit/ intelligence/ charm. Maybe they have an infectious laugh or some incredible talent. Maybe they will have a kind heart or inspire you in some way. Ok so you probably will notice that persons physical appearance too but just because you think that they are beautiful doesn’t make you any less so.

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

What I’m trying to say is, basically, just wear the damn bikini. or what ever it is you feel comfortable in. Don’t ever let your insecurities about your body hold you back. Your body does incredible things each and every day and you should be so proud of it, some of my friends have had babies, another goes on 30 mile bike rides just for fun. Celebrate what your body has done for you. Today find something you love about yourself and push that negativity away because you are beautiful just as you are!

Rae x

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  • Love this! I was quite heavy and insecure about my appearance as a teenager and even though I look nothing like I did over a decade ago I still get invasive hang ups about my appearance. This can be so frustrating! It definitely takes guts to put out any photos online, bikini photos especially. I’m really impressed with your bravery, Rae, you look beautiful! xx