Nails and Brows Mayfair | A Look At Our Brow Makeover

Nails and brows Mayfair The Audrey Brow

Nails and brows Mayfair The Audrey Brow

Beauty Edit Mayfair press launch

Beauty Edit Mayfair press launch

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Products

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Products

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Products

Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Products

When Rae and I were invited by Nails and Brows Mayfair to join them for the launch of their latest brow trend “The Audrey” we were excited and intrigued about what the brow would look like on us.

The salon is an instagrammer’s dream: marble, copper and lots of natural lighting. It is chic and perfect for a quick pick me up or a longer treatment such as a massage or facial.

The founder of the salon is Sherrille Riley, she has had over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and is classed as one of the UK’s leading brow experts. Riley is an advocate of natural beauty and her treatments support this. We knew that we would be in good hands with our brow makeover (no chance of walking out looking like we had slugs drawn on our eyebrows).

The Audrey

“The Audrey consists of a straight, arch-less brow, tapering out towards the temple… Continuing to bring the brow up, instantly lifts the face creating a fresh and youthful appearance”.

When we arrived at the salon we were taken upstairs for our treatment. The therapist discussed the shape and showed us in the mirror what she was going to do. She then threaded our brows. I used to have my brows threaded frequently, but they seemed to make the brows so thin that I stopped going and have spent the last few years trying to grow them back thicker. You wont have a bad experience at Nails and Brows. They are all about keeping it natural and helping to enhance what you already have.

The next step was to apply make-up to enhance the brows and fill in any gaps. The makeup was applied only where needed, not in a block colour as seems to be a common sight.  The brow pencil was a perfect match to my hair colour and looked incredibly natural. Rae has been terrified of brow makeup, after having a few dodgy trials before her wedding, but she loved the new look and it has now convinced her to style her brows.

Once the brows were filled in a small amount of highlighter was applied to accentuate the brow bone. The highlighter was also a perfect match to my skin tone and left a flawless finish. “The Audrey” is a refreshing change to the “instabrows” which have been around for far too long (in my opinion). Although the makeup was natural, I can honestly say that my brows have never looked better.

The Beauty Edit

After receiving my brow treatment I was invited back for the launch of the Beauty Edit Mayfair – An exclusive collection of brow styling solutions created by Sherrille. She decided to start her own collection when she struggled to find products that matched her and her clients’ skin and hair tones. Her collection neutralises brassiness, redness and ashy undertones to suit a full range of clients. I have in the past struggled to find a brow pencil that matches my hair colour and have often found them to be a bit too orange, which makes them look ridiculous – You don’t get that with the products in the Beauty Edit Mayfair.

The range consists of ten products which include a brow styling brush, a highlighter brush, a sharpener, A brow filler pencil in 3 shades (Natural Blonde, Taupe and Dark Dahlia), a brow highlighter in 3 shades  (Brow Muse, Natural Lift and Pick-Me-Up) and a clear brow gel.

The products are filled with skin loving vitamins and ingredients such as castor oil, known for helping the hair to grow.

Gold Kiss Manicure

I was thoroughly spoiled at the Beauty Edit launch and was treated to a “gold kiss” manicure. My nails were filed and prepped, a shellac base coat was applied, then a coat of shellac in “negligee”, which was followed by application of 24 Carat gold to the tips of my nails. Two layers of top coat left a smooth finish and the treatment ended with a glorious hand massage! I have never felt like such a diva in my life – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

With a background in beauty myself I am absolutely in love with Sherille’s take on beauty. I love that everything is about “defining what is naturally yours”. This is a much more positive attitude to have towards beauty than feeling as though you want to look like someone else entirely. The woman is a superstar and I am excited about seeing how the brand progresses in the future.

If you haven’t been to Nails and Brows – I definitely recommend booking yourself in for a bit of a pamper! Look out for the Beauty Edit Mayfair launching in store and on their website from 21st June 2017.

Thank you to Sherrille, Sophie and the whole of the Nails and Brows team for making my visit so welcoming and special (and for making my nails and brows look awesome!)

Lily x

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