Benefit ‘They’re Real Big Sexy Lip’ Kit Review

Flame Game - orange-red

Pink Thrills - bright pink

Revved-Up Red - bright red

Lusty Rose - dusky pink

Benefit 'They're Real Big Sexy Lip' kit

A lipstick and liner in one! I had to try the Benefit ‘They’re Real Big Sexy Lip’ kit – £25.50 to see if it lived up to its claims of ‘fuller looking lips in one go’.

I couldn’t decide which colour to get so I picked up the big sexy lipstick set which includes four colours: flame game, pink thrills, revved-up red & lusty rose.

What Benefit say about the product

Each custom teardrop tip grabs & defines your lip line and fills in lips with complementing colour for visibly fuller, sexier lips instantly!

The Shades

The Packaging

The lipsticks are displayed in a tin and have individual labelled slots. The packaging is silver and the shape is the same as the they’re real mascara. The tin is a nice touch and is perfect if you want to display them. If I’m honest I probably wont use the tin myself.

The Product

The bullet is a teardrop shape, the point is the liner and the main body is the lipstick. I have read other reviews complaining that both parts are the same consistency, I however find that the liner is slightly more waxy and the lipstick more creamy. Other reviews also said that it was a really difficult product to apply. I disagree and feel that the point allows a smooth and even application with the lipstick colour filling in underneath. My bottom lip is too big to fill in completely with one swipe, so I just angle the product to fill in the rest. Rubbing my lips together helps to blend it and I am really happy with the results.

There is a subtle liner effect and a definitely think my lips appear fuller. I find that the lipsticks are comfortable and hydrating to wear and leave a subtle colour behind. I love all four of the colours and although I originally though that the orange shade would be my favourite, I have to say Lusty Rose is a beautiful colour and I am tempted to buy the full size of it.

Final Thoughts

Being a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics, I had high expectations of the products. I did initially think that the lipsticks would be a bit gimmicky and that I would get bored of them after a while, however I love the texture and colour range. I always wear bright lipsticks for Spring and Summer so will be alternating between these shades. The lipstick shades are so much fun that we have filmed a lipstick lookbook featuring them on our YouTube channel – watch it below.

Lily x

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