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I recently wrote a post: Four Things to Do In Bali. It was so long that I split it in to two parts, this is the second instalment.

Monkey Forest

We actually went to two monkey forests: Alas Kedaton (Ticket price per person: 15,000 Rp/90p) and Ubud Monkey Forest (Ticket price per person: 50,000 rupiah/ £3.01). There is advice to follow when visiting a monkey forest, which includes:  don’t look directly in to their eyes and remove your glasses (the monkeys can come out of nowhere and take them). My husband had his hands in his pockets and a monkey jumped on him straight away thinking that he had food, so keep them by your side. I would also make sure that you don’t have any valuables on you or food in your bags as one jumped on his bag and started unzipping it – They are very fast!

Whilst at Alas Kedaton we had a guide who was really helpful. If you are a bit nervous about seeing the monkeys, I would suggest going here as he gave us good instructions of what to do and gave us crackers to feed the monkeys. Ubud monkey forest is the one I had heard more about and was definitely a lot busier. It has beautiful surroundings and we saw a lot more monkeys, these ones seemed a bit braver about getting in to peoples bags so be wary. It was definitely an unforgettable experience. I had read some negative reviews from people about the monkeys stealing their glasses etc but guidance is clearly displayed and you should have no problems if you follow it.


Bali has beautiful beaches and is the perfect place for watersports. There are a range to choose from including snorkelling, sea walking and trips to turtle island. My husband has always wanted to Scuba dive so we booked for an introductory one and he also hired a jetski. I quickly found out that scuba diving wasn’t for me, but he loved it!

Tegenungan Waterfall

The steps to and from this waterfall are quite steep so be prepared for a bit of exercise. The views are worth it and it was definitely a popular destination. You can swim at the waterfall and it is a nice place to cool off. If you aren’t able to climb the steps there is a look out point to take photos. (Ticket price per person 10,000 Rp / 58p).

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This temple was the top of my list after seeing so many beautiful photos of it on the internet.  Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is is set on the shores on Lake Bratan and appears to float on the water, there was also a mist which hovered around and made it look even more striking. The temple is used by Hindus in Bali and Indonesia for worship. (Ticket price per person 50,000 Rp / £3.01).

I would definitely recommend a trip to Bali! There are so many wonderful things to experience and it is the most peaceful place I have ever visited!

Are you planning a holiday anywhere soon?

Lily x

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