Stay at the Royal Tulip Hotel Visesa Ubud

Royal Tulip Visesa UbudRoyal Tulip Visesa UbudRoyal Tulip Visesa Ubud

Royal Tulip Hotel Visesa Ubud

My husband and I booked a holiday to Bali after seeing an amazing offer on Voyage Privé. The trip started off with a three night stay at the Royal Tulip Hotel Visesa Ubud. As soon as we arrived at the hotel (after a 17 hour flight) I felt instantly relaxed. The setting is peaceful with the villas and suites surrounded by rice paddies and permaculture landscapes.  The staff at the hotel were very welcoming and attentive throughout our stay. If you are planning a trip to Bali I highly recommend this hotel and all it has to offer.

The resort includes all villa and suite accommodation. We stayed in a one bedroom pool villa which was designed with contemporary Balinese décor. The villa was beautiful with stepping stones across the entrance in to an outdoor living room. The bedroom led out to a large outdoor bathroom and we also had our own private pool.

The Visesa Ubud is in the most beautiful setting and is perfect to explore on a bike or for a walk. The main pool is stunning and there is even an outdoor gym overlooking the natural surroundings. The hotel is the perfect mixture of luxury combined with an authentic Balinese experience.

Daily Activities

The hotel has plenty of activities for guests to take part in which include learning about and taking part in a permaculture experience, yoga, cycling and activities for children.  There are also plenty of excursions available to book through the hotel, we booked one of the full day tours which gave us a driver for 9 hours to take us to the popular tourist destinations.


The food was incredible and the staff were attentive throughout to ensure we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience. The Indonesian cuisine combines a variety of spices which give it an incredible flavour. Dessert includes Es Klenger which is made with grass jelly, sugar palm fruit, sago pearls, avocado, aromatic ginger syrup, crushed ice, evaporated milk and coconut cream and is served in a coconut.


My husband and I booked in for a cave treatment at the spa. The cave treatments are based on balancing the body and mind with a treatment most appropriate to your element (fire, earth, water, air and space). The treatment started with a healer who following a blessing told us that the mud massage (Pertiwi Ring Sarira) would be most suitable for us as our element is earth. We were then led to the “cave” and were given a full body massage using oil followed by mud which was removed from our skin at the end of the treatment. The mud exfoliated our skin and left it soft.

I don’t usually like to go on holiday to the same place, but with the Royal Tulip Visesa Ubud I would definitely like to return in the future. The staff with their warm smiles and genuine desire to make your stay perfect with the peaceful surroundings make this resort my favourite place I have ever stayed – I wish I could have stayed for longer!

Where has your favourite holiday been?

Lily x

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