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It has been nearly a year since we attended a Blogosphere event, so we were excited that we managed to get tickets to their Valentine’s Tea Party. We have loved seeing the magazine grow over the last year and it was lovely to get to see Alice Audley (Founder and Editor-in-Chief) and the team again to celebrate their success. The event was held at The Tropical Library, Lumiere London and we got to meet lots of fabulous bloggers, made some new friends and received invaluable advice from Brave Bison and Blog Authentic. There were also lots of amazing brands to meet and products to swatch…. oh and rum… lots of rum.

Here are some of our highlights from the day:

Kat Von D Beauty

I have been dying to try out more of the Kat Von D products, so this was the first of the brands I visited. I got to swatch the liquid lipsticks, including the range of 6 new nudes which are due to release internationally in May 2017. Alex, who works for Kat Von D oxford Street,  colour matched me with the ‘Lock-It’ Liquid foundation, which comes in 30 shades. The foundation provided full coverage but felt light and lasted well for the rest of the day – I will definitely be purchasing one.


I have not used this brand before, but was interested to find out more about them. The products are created around the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and designed to balance the mind and body. The idea is to identify your Dosha (mine is Vata) then use the range designed to help balance your needs.

Glo & Ray

The bright and colourful products caught my eye and I loved swatching the eyeliners (the Champagne Pink one was particularly beautiful).  There was also a red eyeliner (Rosy Candy) which is based on a trick that Marilyn Monroe used to use for her eye makeup.

Pearl And Groove

Our Instagram feed has been full of images of beautiful sugar, dairy and gluten free cakes from Pearl and Groove so we couldn’t wait to eat them. They definitely tasted as good as they looked!

Brave Bison

We were given lots of advice from Brave Bison  (a digital media and social video broadcaster who work with some of the world’s biggest brands and influencers) on how to develop our social media platforms and branding. They were so down to earth and answered all of our questions.

We had such an incredible time at the event. Blogging seems such a supportive industry and it is great to get tips, tricks and to find new blogs to read. We love when a new issue of Blogosphere magazine comes out and feel we have learnt so much from it. It is also nice to support something which has grown so much over the last year and has featured our favourite bloggers including Samantha Maria, In the Frow and Zoella. We hope to see it continue to go from strength to strength and can wait to attend another event.

At the end of the even we were given a goody back packed with treats including a Kat Von D ‘Shade and Light’ eye contour quad eye shadow palette, Dr Lipps original nipple balm for lips, Glo & Ray makeup, SAMAYA samples and other goodies.

Thank you once again to Blogosphere magazine for putting together this wonderful event!

Lily x


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