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a woman's guide to lingerie artemis south

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Lingerie: Me | Model: Anastasia Bogatirjova | Hair & Make up: Shahnaz Walford | Photography: Masao Yufu

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I’d do some lingerie related posts but the more I started researching the more I noticed a recurring pattern… the majority of lingerie guides are aimed at men buying for their partners.

I get it: “sex sells” and lingerie is often sold to consumers in this way but it made me think that perhaps we are missing the point. I’ve said it before but in my opinion lingerie should not be just about sex, you should buy it first and foremost because of how it makes you feel.

I know some people who say, “why would I spend x amount on something I’m only going to wear for a couple of minutes?” Well why not get your money’s worth then? I often wear my Coco de mer robe whilst doing the housework and have been known to wear the odd Agent Provocateur set to the gym… I’m not massively precious about my lingerie, it’s there to be worn… at the end of the day I’m assuming you put on underwear every single day, why can’t it be that little bit more special?

So many women put so much effort into their makeup or save for the latest designer shoes or bags why not put a little more thought into undergarments too?

My Top Tips For Buying Lingerie

If you’ve never really shopped for lingerie before then you are probably going to want to figure out what your style is. Everyone has different tastes so its not for anyone else to judge or to tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear. Perhaps you like delicate lace or sensual silks? Maybe you want to channel your inner Bettie Page with some retro-inspired pieces or you may want something a little more risqué. My advice would be to do your research to get an idea of what you like. Check out my post “What’s Your Lingerie Style?”  to see which types you are drawn to most.

Once you’ve got a better idea of the kind of lingerie you like it’s worth seeing which stores stock the brands. If you’re a first time buyer I’d definitely recommend going to a shop rather than ordering online so that you can try different sizes and make sure its the best fit for you. Again, do your research as there is so much variety out there, you do not have to be restricted to Ann Summers or Victoria’s Secret.

If you have no idea what your bra size is book yourself in for a bra fitting. You can tell a well fitting bra by checking the back band sits straight across the back parallel to the floor – it shouldn’t be riding up your back. The centre front should sit flat against your skin, it shouldn’t be digging in or sitting away from the body. The underwire should sit around the breast tissue, make sure it isn’t sitting below or on your breasts.

Try different sets on and see which you feel most comfortable in, remember this is all about you and how it makes you feel.

Once you’ve bought yourself some new sets it might be worth giving your underwear drawer a good clear out, it’s time to say goodbye to that faded t-shirt bra you chuck on all the time that’s totally lost its elasticity. Get rid of the old rubbish that’s just taking up too much room and is hiding the good stuff.

Ease in to it, you don’t need to start donning bondage-inspired pieces under your day-to-day outfits (although Bordelle do some incredible pieces if that is what you’re in to), why not swap your onesie for a silk babydoll or your tights for stockings once in a while? Or why not wear a cute pair of high waisted briefs under your favourite pencil skirt?

Ultimately your lingerie should make you feel empowered, whether anyone else is going to see it or not. So this Valentine’s, even if you find yourself single, why not treat yourself?

Stay tuned for our YouTube video on picking the right lingerie styles for your body type. If you have any lingerie related questions feel free to drop me an email at info@beautyatbrunch.com or leave a comment below!

Rae x

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  • Love this, Rae! It’s really interesting what you say about lingerie versus other “womanly” items: many, many women don’t feel the need to really invest in their lingerie. Even me — this morning, I suddenly noticed how all of my underwear is old, bobbled cotton, my bras were old and literally nothing matched. It’s an investment in yourself, more than anything, and how you feel during the day. Love your tips, and I’ll be taking your lingerie style quiz!

    • So glad you found my tips useful! I’m pretty ruthless and clear out my underwear drawer a couple of times a year to get rid of the old, over worn pieces as its so easy to just keep throwing on the same trusty favourites. xx