Winter Skin Care Saviours


I’m sure you’ve all noticed the effects Winter on your skin;  dry, flaky, cracked and red – sound familiar? Cold weather and winds can strip the moisture from the skin which is also made worse with hot baths, showers and central heating. If your skin needs a bit of TLC at the moment then these 3 products will help to combat the effects of the weather right now.

Face cream and Moisturiser *

My cheeks often feel sensitive and look red, with my whole face showing signs of dehydration and flaky areas (especially around the nose – I have my second cold in less than two months). Face creams and moisturisers help to protect and reduce the discomfort the weather can cause.

It is important to pick a product which is suitable for your skin type to ensure you get the benefits you need. L’Occitane are one of my favourite skincare brands and they have an amazing range of face creams and moisturisers available for all skincare issues.

To find a moisturiser suitable for your skin type L’Occitane have a handy skincare diagnosis tool on their website which tailors its product recommendations to your individual needs.

For oily skin which is suffering from dehydration and redness, the Pivoine Sublime perfecting cream which contains peony extract should help to keep the skin hydrated and looking luminous without leaving it feeling greasy.

If you have sensitive, red, dry skin then the Shea Light Comforting Face Cream will help to soothe and nourish your face. Shea butter is also useful in treating conditions such as eczema and chapped skin, which makes it the perfect ingredient for protecting your skin in the winter.

For mature skins which is showing signs of dryness and sensitivity then the L’Occitane Precious Light Cream SPF 20 which contains organic Immortelle essential oil will help to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

See L’Occitane’s range of face cream and moisturiser.

Face oil

I started to notice that my makeup was looking patchy and cracking where I had areas of dry, flaky skin, so I have added a face oil to my routine to give it a boost.

I had purchased a travel sized Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil a while ago but had forgotten about it. After using it one evening a couple of weeks ago I noticed how much better my makeup went on the next day.

Rose Otto Face Oil is 100% natural and is packed full of essential oils and organic ingredients. The product helps to reduce redness and sensitivity, strengthen and hydrate the skin.

I have now started using this under my moisturiser in the morning and evening to protect it and hydrate, this has made such a difference to the dry patches and really helps soothe and hydrate my delicate red nose at the moment.

If you are worried about using a face oil, I have combination skin and I have used this all over my face and have not found it to make my face greasy or cause me to break out. If you don’t currently use a face oil, I would definitely recommend adding one into your routine. There are lots of different formulations for all skin types.

Hand cream

The area of my body which gets affected the most by the cold weather is my hands. Rae and I both suffer from extremely dry, flaky hands (Rae actually went to the Doctors once about her migraines and he seemed more concerned about her hands – he asked her if she works with hazardous chemicals!). In the winter we tend to get cracked skin which is sore and Rae’s skin on her fingers even peels (gross I know!).

One product which Rae has found to be a bit of a miracle cure for dry hands is the Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Treatment. Vitamin E helps to protect, moisturise and repair the skin. The product absorbs in to the skin quickly and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It also leaves the hands with a delicate scent of pomelo.


Have you got any skin care saviours that you swear by in the winter? Let me know them below.

lily x 


*This post contains a sponsored product. All words and opinions are my own.




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