Our Favourite Influencers of 2016

Happy New Year lovelies! Can you believe that it is 2017 already?!? We’re not quite sure where the last year went, it seemed to absolutely fly by, but what a fantastic year it was (for BAB at least – we realise the world lost a lot of incredible celebs and let’s not even get started on politics). 2016 was our first full year blogging and looking back at some of our first posts we have definitely come a long way trying to hone our blogging style. Our aim for 2017 is to bring you even better content and we are also going to be posting weekly over on our YouTube channel starting from today! Thank you to every one who has supported BAB throughout 2016 – you guys are awesome!

Lifestyle blog - Beauty at Brunch

Up and coming Lifestyle bloggers - Beauty at Brunch You may remember that last year we did a post on our fave bloggers of 2015 and so we wanted to start this year off by sharing with you some more of our best-loved bloggers and YouTubers from the past 12 months. Some you will no doubt already be familiar with but hopefully there will be a few names that you will be able to add to your reading/ watching list.

Health & Fitness

Carly Rowena – We included Carly last year and still absolutely love her. If you aren’t following her already then why not?

Zanna Van Dijk – Zanna’s had an incredible year with the launch of her book and has just been announced as a global ambassador for Adidas – we are certain 2017 will have even bigger things in store for this lady.

Whitney Simmons – We love Whitney’s YouTube videos and her personality. We only discovered her recently and are loving her channel!


Shot From The Street – We love Lizzy’s minimalist style and watch her weekly vlog every Wednesday.

Pages By Megan – Megan’s style is cool and quirky, she draws her fashion inspiration from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. If you’re a fan of vintage fashion with a modern twist defo give her a follow.

Fashion Mumblr – We love Josie’s down to earth personality and classic feminine style.


Caroline Hirons – Caroline Hirons’ blog is Lily’s go to blog for no nonsense, honest reviews.

Chloe Morello – We love that Chloe experiments with colour and creativity in her makeup tutorials.

Tati – Tati’s first impression and WTF videos are brilliant, they are also great for seeing if high end purchases are really worth the money.


Hand Luggage Only – Yaya and Lloyd literally have the best adventures, We always check out their travel guides whenever we’re planning a holiday.

Follow Me To – Their Instagram will give you serious holiday envy and their YouTube videos are breathtaking.

The Style Traveller – We mentioned Bonnie last year and hers is still one of our favourite travel blogs, she is one stylish lady and always stays at the most beautiful destinations!

Best Creative Content

Oracle Fox – We’ve long admired Amanda Shadforth’s blog and her work, she is incredibly creative and it’s always refreshing to see her take on new trends.

Chevrons & Éclairs – Supal Desai is the talented lady behind Chevrons and Éclairs, her photography is always absolutely beautiful – if she isn’t on your radar yet then you definitely should add her to your bookmark!

Wish Wish Wish – Carrie always manages to tell a story though her stunning photo series, her blog always leaves us feeling inspired.

Best For Blogging Tips

Thrifts and Threads – Whilst Thrifts and Threads is predominantly a style blog, Brittany often shares invaluable blogging advice with her following which includes everything from SEO to marketing.

Not Another Blonde – This blog is also by a lady named Brittany who is very generous with her blogging advice – make sure you give her a follow over on snapchat too!

Zanita Studio – Britt from Not Another Blonde also contributes to Zanita Studio, she shares lots of great advice over there too so head on over!

We’d love to know who your favourite bloggers and YouTubers are, who should we be following this year?

Rae, Lily & Dani


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