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SuperFoodLx (pronounced Superfood Lux) are a mother and daughter team who work together to create luxury formulationsĀ forĀ the hair, skin and nails. We first met Paula at the HBC blog awards where she presented us with our award for best new blog. Paula and her mother Cherry have created an amazing brand around their philosophy of “Integrity, Purity, Light and Strength”.

I interviewed the brand to find out more about them. Their responses are below.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I have always been a natural health enthusiast and I have a diploma in Nutrition but my roots are in performance where I’ve been a vocalist for several years. Mum has always been a never ending source of information for natural remedies using: teas, plants and oils due to her growing up in rural Jamaica.

Describe the creative process behind your product launches.

The creative process usually begins with what I or my mother feels that our personal beauty regimens are missing or from wanting to make an improvement to store bought products that we currently have. The brand was actually born out of me having a hair crisis while out the country and my mum coming to the rescue with a home made oil blend.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from so many places. It can be from learning about new fruit or vegetable that I have never heard of or simply as mine or my mother’s skin or hair changes with the seasons, stress or with age and wanting to find a beautiful solution to it.

What has been the highlight so far since launching SuperFoodLx?

We have had a few but the top of list is always when someone who has been using one of our products contacts us to say how their hair has grown back or has improved in quality somehow.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

We hope to have strengthened our brand recognition in the UK and developed a larger range of products. We have so many ideas on how to diversify so we hope that a few of those ideas will have become a reality.

Who would you say your products are aimed towards?

For men and women wanting honest, reliable and effective products using the best that nature has to offer.

Describe a typical day of work.

My fingers are usually glued to my phone and laptop….all day! Each day is very unpredictable as this truly is a business run by myself and my mother. We both formulate, trouble shoot and test everything ourselves before they reach the shelves. Social media, design and the general day to day running of the business is all me. Days off at the moment do not exist!

If you are interested in trying out any of the SuperFoodLx products, they have kindly given us a discount code BBXMAS to share with you which will get you 40% off for the whole of December! Perfect if you are looking for stocking fillers and gift ideas.
Lily x

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