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Travel tips: Hand luggage packing tips

Does anyone else get a bit carried away when they’re packing for a holiday? I always end up packing about 20 million bikinis and cover-ups, a different daytime and evening outfit for each day, a few extra options just to be on the safe side, plus an unnecessary amount of shoes. Of course I don’t end up wearing half of it and tend to stick with my trusty favourites as that’s what I’m most comfortable in. When I went to Barcelona the other week I only had hand luggage and had to be ruthless. I’m sure every blogger reading this will be thinking that there is no way you can possibly fit everything in your hand luggage, but it can be done – even when your camera kit takes up half of the room! Here are my tips:

Capsule Collection

Create a capsule collection of mix and match items. It’s best to pick plain items that can work with multiple outfits. A plain T-shirt or shirt that you can wear with a pair of shorts or jeans for the daytime that also goes with a skirt for the evening is perfect. Yes – you can wear items more than once! As long as you don’t spill anything down them nobody is going to notice/ care. Try to pick transitional items that can be dressed up and down.

Colour coordinate

Pick a colour palette so that your items work well together, as with the above there is no point bringing along items that don’t actually go with anything else as it just takes up unnecessary room in your suitcase.

Plan ahead and be ruthless

Avoid leaving your packing to the last minute. You don’t want to panic pack. Plan out your outfits in advance to avoid bringing too much. On an average week I probably alternate between 2-3 pairs of shoes so realistically there is no need to pack 8 pairs for a week or 2 away. If you have followed my previous steps all you should need is a dressy pair of heels for the evenings, a pair of sandals – I always go for leather sandals that can be worn in the daytime and evening as this saves having to bring a pair of flip flops for around the pool too. You might want a comfy pair of shoes/ pumps and these can be worn on the plane, which brings me to my next point…

Wear the bulky items on the plane

It’s common sense. Make sure you wear the bulkiest items on the plane, don’t take up half your luggage room squeezing in a jacket or jumpers.

Only take the necessities

Even if you’re planning on spending 2 weeks on a beach do you really need to pack a towel?  Most hotels will have towels for you to use, likewise if you are a makeup junkie struggling to stick to the liquid limit in your hand luggage you can leave your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel at home as your hotel is bound to have complimentary bottles there. If you aren’t sure check with your hotel first.

My top hand luggage picks

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