4 Things to do when visiting Mexico

Mexico Viceroy Riviera Maya hotel

Mexico monkey

Last year I spent a week at the beautiful Viceroy Riviera Maya as the second part of my honeymoon. I loved every second there – think private plunge pools and outdoor showers in the jungle, mischevious monkeys and the most beautiful beach with crystal clear waters. The food was incredible – I still crave their nachos even now and the staff were so friendly and attentive. If you are now thinking of visiting Mexico then here are some of my top tips!

Mexico Tequila Tasting viceroy riviera maya

Tequila tasting

When I think of tequila over here in the UK I always think of the bottle with the red sombrero on the top – not my fave. I definitely would never had considered myself a tequila drinker but after an informative tequila and ceviche tasting session in Mexico I have changed my opinion on the drink. Unlike us Brits, the Mexicans savour the taste, sipping the drink as you would a good whisky. I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend you do the same if you are planning on holidaying over there. After all, if you are in Mexico you probably should try a traditional Mexican drink! Trust me – the real stuff is so much better than the red sombrero type.

Mexico, Riviera Maya, Cenote

Swim in a cenote

I knew at the time of booking my holiday to the Riviera Maya that I wanted to visit a cenote. They are beautiful sights and, if you like snorkelling or scuba diving, then this is definitely a day out you will want to factor into your plans. Don’t worry if you aren’t a strong swimmer, life jackets can be hired (as can snorkelling gear).

cenote (pronunciation: American Spanish: [ˈsenote] or Spanish: [ˈθenote], /sᵻˈnoʊti/ or /sɛˈnoʊteɪ/) is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath.
mayan Ruins, Mexico, Tulum

Tulum mayan ruins

Visit some ancient Mayan Ruins

Another must see are the Mayan Ruins. We visited the ruins at Tulum. It is incredible to see how a lot of the buildings have stood the test of time (They were built in the late 13th Century).  The Tulum ruins are what remains of the only Mayan city built on the Coast line.

Mexico Dolphin Swimming

Swim with Dolphins

I have always wanted to swim with Dolphins and finally had the chance in Mexico at the Dolphin Discovery Park. It was an incredible experience and refreshing to see how well the Dolphins are treated. There were also sea lions and manatees. If you’re feeling brave then you may even want to book an excursion to swim alongside Whale Sharks!

What to pack?

If you’ve been convinced to book your next holiday to the beautiful Riviera Maya then here are some of my packing recommendations:

Oysho Top with Gingham embroidery £27.99 | Marysia Swim Victoria cotton and silk-blend maxi dress £400 | Loup Charmant Hydra off-the-shoulder cotton dress £330 | Dolce & Gabbana Pompom-embellished leather flat sandals £1350 | Fendi Cat-eye half-frame sunglasses £339 | Oysho Frilled T-Shirt £25.99 | Boots Insect repellant lotion (This one’s a must)£7.49 | Missguided Cheesecloth embroidered Bardot dress £28 | H&M Suede Espadrilles £39.99

Have you visited Mexico? What are your top travel tips?

Rae x

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